Eco-Friendly Custom Apparel Manufacturer and Merchandise Solution


  • Stress Tested Materials
  • Pre-shrunk Process
  • Enzyme Treatment Process
  • Color Fastness Tested
  • Waste Water Treatment Certified
  • Sub-solar Powered Manufacturing
  • Global fulfillments
  • Lead time 3-5 weeks.
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Leading brands and businesses across Asia have chosen SaltyORIGINS for their custom apparels and merchandise needs.

Various brands have also entrusted us to bring their designs to life. Learn more below!


Explore our SaltyORIGINS collection, where style meets substance. Our eco-friendly custom merchandise, spanning from high-quality apparel to durable accessories, is designed to elevate your brand's image and leave a lasting impression.







Lanyard Hook

Stainless Steel Bottle


In an era where consumer awareness is continuously increasing, we are committed to meeting demands responsibly. We celebrate and promote individuality through ethically and responsibly customized products.

Raw Materials

Selecting and transforming quality raw materials into durable fabric sets the foundation for premium apparel.

Fabric Treatment

Our fabrics undergo color fastness and enzyme treatments to ensure vibrant, long-lasting color and superior comfort, with added shrinkage prevention.

Printing & Sewing

Advanced printing techniques and precise multi-point assembly ensure your apparel's design is both striking and resilient.

Quality Control

Rigorous inspection and meticulous packing are the final steps to guarantee the highest quality before our apparel makes its way to you.



Case Study: The Rebrand of Edotco

One of the world's leading Digital Connectivity Company needed to create a range of custom merchandise within a strict timeline, while partnering with a reliable supplier.
Our main challenge was to look for a one stop provider to design, produce, and deliver high-quality custom merchandise.
Having prior experiences with Saltycustoms, I believed they were the right ones to work with.
They came through with the designs as our senior team really liked it. Manage to adapt our new branding onto a series of merchandise with over 20 items total.
The Saltycustoms team kept us updated constantly and offered solutions to issues when they arose." - Zulfadly, Edotco.


Opt for unparalleled quality with our carefully crafted merchandise. All our products are manufactured eco-responsibly with utmost attention to your comfort.

Quality Assured

Made with Care

Tested for Longevity

Certificate of Origin

Eco-responsible Manufacturing

Pure Comfort

Customisable Details


Purchase A Sample Kit

Not sure if SaltyORIGINS is the right choice for your team? Why not grab a sample kit and check out the quality for yourself?

Our sample kit includes a selection of our most popular merchandise items, showcasing the variety of materials, fits, and customisable details we offer. It's the perfect way to experience our commitment to excellence before placing a bulk order.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Our SaltyORIGINS line is perfect for larger organizations and teams that require bulk quantities of custom apparel and merchandise for uniformity and brand consistency.

  1. What types of products can I order from SaltyORIGINS ?

    SaltyORIGINS offers a wide range of merchandise products including custom t-shirts, jerseys, outerwear, notebooks, tote bags, and more, all available for bulk orders.

  1. Yes, you may provide your own design or use our design service to customize your merchandise with SaltyORIGINS.

  1. SaltyORIGINS offers a wide range of merchandise products including custom t-shirts, jerseys, outerwear, notebooks, tote bags, and more, all available for bulk orders.

  1. Yes, sustainability is a cornerstone of our business model, and we apply eco-responsible practices across our production processes, including the SaltyORIGINS line. Check out our Sustainability page to learn more.

  1. To place an order, simply reach out to us with your requirements, and our team will guide you through the selection, customization, and ordering process.

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