Pringles Online to Offline Activation

Pringles, known for its potato chips were looking to reinvigorate their consumers by doing an interactive campaign that involves an element of personalisation. Learn how they launched a rebranding exercise across 5 countries together with Saltycustoms. To promote the change of the Pringles Logo and create brand awareness, Pringles turned to Saltycustoms for help.

What’s the challenge?

1. Excite consumers Online to Offline

2. Manufacturing Quality Items

3. Delivery & Global Fulfilment

We connected and understood that the mission was to provide users an experience to co-design unique shirts > select sizes > and have them sent to their doorstep, in conjunction with Pringles' newest rebrand. 

We quickly understood and tackled this redemption challenge by setting up an e-store. In this e-store, consumers who purchased Pringles (from the supermarket) could design their own T-shirt, by choosing from 3 base colours, and 4 different logo designs, and have the option of putting their own name on the T-shirt. This e-store solution made selling merchandise hassle-free for Pringles and totally seamless on the customer side.  Not to mention, cleared from inventory management too.

Pringle’s partnership with Saltycustoms managed to sell well over 3000+ units. With a made-to-order system, no access stocks mean minimal waste and no overconsumption.

Live Example: