The Pledge: A Dignity Story

It was a typical Thursday morning at work. King, Puteri and Wilson were in their virtual meeting room....

It was a typical Thursday morning at work. King, Puteri, and Wilson were in their virtual meeting room, having a sales meeting and going through each and every client they were in touch with.  

As they talked, King in typical fashion brought up a thought provoking topic. “What can we do to be a blessing to the community?”. It was in the plans for the company to give back to the community but somehow with the daily work, meetings, and efforts in building a valuable company, it seemed like there was little time for anything else.  

King, our CEO always had the heart for children, for the poor and hungry as he had experienced these hardships himself in his younger days. In between conversations, King found out that Puteri and Wilson shared a similar burden for underserved and underprivileged children. 

They banded together and made a pledge to find a way for the company to make a difference and not put it on the back burner anymore. Three of them agreed to start searching for partners to work with that shared similar burdens as them.

As the year was coming to an end, it was perfect timing to start the search as the businesses and people slowed down for the festive period.   

One thing led to another, and like with most things that are meant to be, they met with the Dignity Foundation of Malaysia, an NGO that actively serves the underprivileged children both foreign and local. They had the privilege to have coffee with the passionate team along with the founder of the establishment to hear amazing stories of the children that Dignity cares for.

They experienced a full tour around the grounds and different social businesses and vocational schools. Seeing how the children were not only being fed, but also given an opportunity for education, sports and vocation; King, Puteri and Wilson were inspired and awed by the heartbeat of the foundation, which is to restore dignity to the children.

At the end of the meeting, they looked at each other in agreement that they had found a partner that not only resonates with them but could work with to make a difference in the lives of children.

Stay tuned for the collaboration between Saltycustoms and Dignity Foundation.

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