T-shirt Printing Guide: Size & Where to Print Design

Custom T-shirt printing offers a dynamic canvas to showcase your brand, but the key to making a lasting impression lies in understanding the nuances of print placement and design choices.

T-shirt printing isn't just about slapping a logo onto fabric; it's an art that blends creativity with strategy. There are several standard print locations on a T-shirt, each offering its unique impact. Whether you're aiming for a subtle branding touch or a bold statement piece, knowing where and how to print your design is crucial. 

In this guide, we'll explore the various options and considerations to help you make the right choice for your brand's custom T-shirts.

Printing Designs At The Front of T-shirts

You start with deciding how big your logo/design should be on the t-shirt. To make things simple just decide between A4 and A3 size, like the picture below!

A3 size prints are usually for bold, loud designs or graphics. Most companies tend to keep things a bit more subtle and simple with a neat A4 sized print, with the logo being the main focus. You can compare both tees below.

If you have more than 1 logo to showcase at the front of the t-shirt, you can also split the "spotlight" between two by printing them on each side of the chest like below.

Or if you prefer a simple, more casual approach. Logos on the sleeve work too.

Printing Designs At The Back of T-shirts

Just like the front, you can opt for an A3 or A4 size print as well. If you're looking to include a large design on your company t-shirt, printing it at the back is always a good option.

And if you want to get creative, you can consider prints on the areas in the picture below.

We tend to see bold, large prints in these areas in streetwear apparel. Companies are slowly starting to mimic these print styles to appeal to the younger workforce.

Understanding T-shirt Print Positioning

Vertical Centering

 Typically, the top of your design should start about 2-3 inches down from the collar for a balanced look. This placement ensures your design is visible and not too high up on the neck or too low on the chest.

Left or Right Chest Print

For a smaller logo or design, the standard is to align it with the heart or the opposite side. This placement is subtle yet impactful for branding.

Considerations for Different Body Types

Remember, designs may appear differently on various body types. It's important to consider how your design will look on all members of your team or audience.

Choosing the Right T-shirt Print Size

Size Matters

The size of your print can drastically change the look of the shirt. A larger print is more eye-catching and makes a bolder statement, whereas a smaller print tends to be more professional and understated.

Print Size for Different T-Shirt Styles

The ideal print size can vary depending on the style of the T-shirt. For example, a slim-fit tee might look better with a smaller, more refined design, while a looser, more casual tee can handle a larger print.

If you are still unsure of what to do with your logos and designs, fret not, we've made a collection of various looks according to what's popular!

Popular T-shirt Printing Collections

The Start Up

The Start-Up is a classic look that puts your brand in the spotlight. Clean, sharp and minimal, this look is suitable for every occasion. From video calls with clients, to work or social events.  And with the highest quality silkscreen inks used in our all prints, your logo is sure to stay front and center for years to come.

The Hypebeast

The Hypebeast features a clean, subtle print at the front. And a large A3 print on the back. Taking inspiration from streetwear fashion, companies are mimicking the graphic and text arrangement for a more edgy, fashionable look. If you do opt for the Hypebeast look and don't be surprised to see your colleagues wearing your company t-shirt out on the weekend!

The Athleisure

Distinct and stylish, the atheleisure features overall prints that will give your t-shirt a modern dynamic edge.  This look uses Dye Sublimation Technology - a process that transfers dye seamlessly onto microfiber jerseys (not available on cotton fabric) for clear, sharp immaculate prints. The Athleisure look goes great with cool patterns or vivid colors.

Wrapping It Up

As you've seen, custom T-shirt printing offers endless possibilities to showcase your brand or personal style. We're here to bring your vision to life with precision and quality. Don't let your ideas remain just ideas. Get in touch with us today at Saltycustoms, and let's start creating T-shirts and other sustainable custom corporate merchandise that speak volumes about your brand.