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Did you know? Socks are the oldest type of apparel which is still in use today

Did you know?
Socks are the oldest type of apparel which is still in use today. Socks have been around since the Stone Ages.

Timeline of Socks
5000BC - Archaeological findings suggest that a type of clothing is worn on the feet.

800BC - Greek poet by the name Hesiod mentions ‘piloi’ in his work. ‘Piloi’, Socks made from matted animal hair. The Romans wrapped their feet in animal skins (leather) and tied it around their ankles.

200AD -  Romans started sewing the pieces of fabric together and making fitted socks. They called these ‘udones’ and they are the first socks to resemble what we are wearing today.

500AD - Holy people of Europe wore “puttees” as a symbol of purity.

Actual Findings
1. The first woollen socks to be discovered at Vindolanda in Northumbria dated back to the 2nd century AD. Child-sized  made from woven wool cloth. Roman tablets found at the site even include the instruction to “send more socks”.
2. The earliest known surviving pair of knitted socks, made with a technique called naalbinding, dates from 300 – 500 AD and was found at Oxyrhynchus on the Nile in Egypt. The socks feature split toes and are designed to be worn with sandals.

Socks have always been essential to keep us warm and protect our feet since ancient times. More than that, it has not only withstood the test of time but rolled along with the times, reflecting status/wealth and influencing fashion trends.

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