A tote to rule them all

The word “tote” in Tote Bag is a verb that means “to carry by hand”

Welcome to the third instalment in our series: Product of The Week (POTW). We hope you enjoyed the last instalment on Polo’s as much as we did preparing it. 
Now for this week, we’re looking into the Tote Bag.

The word “tote” in Tote Bag is a verb that means “to carry by hand”. So a tote bag in simple terms is a bag that is used to carry stuff around!

We as humans have been creating different variations of sacks, bags, satchel, pouches all throughout history to ease the transporting or carrying stuff that is important to us. All sorts of materials have been used to create a useful bag; canvas, leather, linen, etc.

While that may be the case, the modern tote bags that we are familiar with started in the 1940s. In 1944, a company named LL Bean in Maine, America created a large rectangular and sturdy canvas ice bag for people transporting ice from their car to their homes.

People soon realised the bag was really useful not just for carrying ice but groceries, belongings and more. As its popularity grew, the humble tote bag found itself  in the world of fashion; inspiring the Birkin bag to the Cashin Carry Tote. 

The Rise of Custom Tote Bags
In the 1980s, a bookstore in New York called The Strand introduced their first tote bag that boldly advertised their store name and slogan. Shops around picked up the idea, and soon totes unique to a brand/shop started appearing.     

The Strand tote bag has become well-known since the 1980s.

Source: HuffPost

The tote became a new platform on which brands, messages and personality can be conveyed in a fashionable and practical sense. See how you can leverage on the totebag’s uniqueness here. - link to product page