6 Things To Consider When Looking For A Well-Fitted T-Shirt

The better a t-shirt fits, the more often someone would want to put it on. And that translates to greater exposure for your brand.
If we were given a dollar for every poor-fitting t-shirt we’ve seen someone wearing, we would have enough money to fund every Kickstarter project available. T-shirts have evolved to become such an essential piece of apparel that most people fail to realise this very important fact – good or bad style is largely determined by the fit of a t-shirt.

The Importance of Well-Fitted T-Shirts

A well-fitted T-shirt can elevate your look, enhance your comfort, and boost your confidence. It's not just a piece of clothing; it's a reflection of your personal style and attention to detail. Whether for casual wear or as part of a corporate uniform, the right fit makes all the difference.

Being a custom t-shirt company that serves primarily corporations and businesses, our commitment has always been to educate our clients that the t-shirts they use for marketing purposes – be it 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces – should be made to fit well. The reason is simple: the better a t-shirt fits, the more often someone would want to put it on. And that translates to greater exposure for your brand.

Why Fit Matters in Branding

When it comes to branded apparel, a well-fitted T-shirt serves as a powerful tool for brand visibility and identity. It's not just about the logo or design; how the T-shirt fits the wearer can significantly impact the perceived quality and professionalism of your brand.

But, what makes a t-shirt fit well? Here are 6 things to consider when you’re looking for well-fitted T-shirts.

6 Things To Consider When Looking For A Well-Fitted T-Shirt

1. The Shape

Avoid T-shirts with a 'boxy' shape as they tend to look unflattering on most body types. Instead, choose T-shirts that contour slightly to the body, offering a more tailored, sleek appearance. A well-shaped T-shirt can accentuate your body's strengths and hide its weaknesses, creating a balanced and attractive silhouette.

2. The Size

Finding the right size is key for comfort and style. A good rule of thumb is the pinch test: if you can comfortably pinch between 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach, the T-shirt is likely a good fit. This ensures the T-shirt is neither too tight (restricting movement) nor too loose (appearing baggy).

3. The Length

The ideal length for a T-shirt is around the mid-crotch area. This length is versatile enough to look good whether the T-shirt is tucked in or left out. It's long enough to raise your arms without exposing your waist but not so long that it looks oversized or unkempt.

Saltycustoms created Signature Fits to cater to different body types. L-R: Skinfit®, Regularfit, Chicfit, Juniorfit.

4. The Shoulders

The fit on the shoulders is critical for a well-fitted look. The seams should ideally align with the end of your shoulders. If they're too close to the neck, the T-shirt will look constricted, while if they hang too far on the arms, it will appear oversized.

5. The Sleeves

Sleeves should end around the mid to upper arm and lightly hug the arms without being too tight. This cut is flattering for most body types and allows for ease of movement. Sleeves that are too loose can make the arms look smaller and disproportionate to the rest of the body.

6. The Neck Opening

For crew neck T-shirts, the collar should sit comfortably around the neck without stretching or sagging. If it appears stretched or if shoulder areas are visible, the fit is too loose. For v-necks, a good guideline is to ensure the 'V' does not extend beyond the top of the armpits, maintaining a balance between style and modesty.

L-R: Crew Neck (also known as Round-Neck), V-Neck. Image: ASOS

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